Beauty: Bahi Cosmetics

Recently I modeled for Danielle Bahi of Bahi Cosmetics. At 20 years old, Danielle is a creative goddess, professional make-up artist, and full time student. The Bahi Cosmetics line has it all - it's affordable, all natural, Black owned, and most importantly - IT WORKS! During her interview with Equality for HER, Bahi told us what makes her company different: 

"My company is made from creative mindsets, we see the business and creative side of all aspects. & we are creating products what are effective in what they do. Another distinction is that I developed these products myself. I spent a long time testing them on myself and my friends, making sure that they are free of harsh acids and are cruelty-free. Bahi Cosmetics products are paraben free and 100% natural. Like my grandmother taught me, if you can't pronounce the ingredient in it or find it in a normal store for purchase, it shouldn't be on your skin!"

I was so honored when Bahi and Syranno the photographer and visual artist reached out to do a photoshoot with me. When I posed with the signature Black power fist, Syranno captured it and it has become one of my favorite images. However, when Danielle posted it online, Hotep Twitter was NOT having it AT ALL. Danielle gave a pretty thorough description of what transpired: 

"Recently we posted an image in support of the movement for Black lives. My team and I were eager to show our deep support of Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately we were accused of exploiting Black Lives Matter for capitalist ends but this allegation could not be farther from the truth.

Our model, Blair Imani, actually threw up the Black power fist last minute allowing our photographer Syranno to capture the iconic image. As you know, Blair is an activist so the use of this image felt authentic. 

I feel its very important that we uplift the movement and we uplift brands that are created for ALL Black people, not just light, not only dark. Bahi Cosmetics is a Black-woman owned brand and we must invest in our own communities and businesses."

Black lives, Black businesses, Black women entrepreneurs all matter. @BahiCosmetics is a Black-woman owned brand that makes products for each & every skintone. 

I cannot wait for everything that Bahi Cosmetics and its founder Danielle have in waiting for them in the future, and I am so proud to be a part of the Bahi Family. I encourage EVERYONE to check out Bahi Cosmetics online and to scope the work of visual artist, Syranno. 


Twitter: @BahiCosmetics 

Instagram: @BahiCosmetics 


Blair Imani

Blair Imani engages with a variety of issues affecting Black, Muslim, and femme communities. Imani is the Executive Director of Equality for HER, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness for issues affecting the global femme community. Blair is a Press Officer at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She has previously worked with the Women’s Information Network, Equality Louisiana, Louisiana Progress,, Beautiful in Every Shade, and Baton Rouge Organizing.