Review: Brad Walsh Presents Antiglot


Last week, I joined Brad Walsh, Christian Siriano, and countless stars and influencers for the release of Antiglot. Released on October 6, Antiglot is an album wholly set apart from any other. Brad Walsh's body was the only instrument used to make the album. The music is composed of "vocals layers and body sounds."

Photographer Victor - @itswetpaint

Photographer Victor - @itswetpaint

"It was produced by taking input sounds and producing them as though they were instruments, with lead vocals set atop. There are no actual instruments used in the composition, and no lyrics. It is an equally energetic and cathartic collection of songs -- sometimes meditative, sometimes invigorating -- inspired by the current American political climate." -

As an admirer of Walsh, I was honored to join him for the celebration. As an artist, Brad Walsh surrounds himself with people who are taking meaningful action for a better world. The album release was a cathartic moment in what has been a perpetually chaotic time in terms of politics &  natural disasters. Click here to purchase or stream the album.