Meeting Bill Clinton

Blair Imani and President Bill Clinton

Blair Imani and President Bill Clinton

April 13, 2016 - I met President Bill Clinton on April 13, 2016 after I walked out of a Hillary Clinton fundraiser. Unfortunately, I was called a “terrorist" by an islamophobic attendee. Right when I had given up on the Washington, DC political scene as a whole, one of the event organizers called me.

Turns out that upon hearing about the altercation, President Clinton wanted to speak to me. Bill made a point to apologize to me personally and reassure me that anti-muslim bigotry has no place in the United States of America. The lengths that not only Bill, but the entire Clinton campaign went to in order to resolve this incident made indelible mark on me. I feel that the Clintons view themselves as public servants first and foremost. Hopefully, my fellow Americans will feel the same way this election season.

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Blair Imani

Blair Imani engages with a variety of issues affecting Black, Muslim, and femme communities. Imani is the Executive Director of Equality for HER, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness for issues affecting the global femme community. Blair is a Press Officer at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She has previously worked with the Women’s Information Network, Equality Louisiana, Louisiana Progress,, Beautiful in Every Shade, and Baton Rouge Organizing.