THEM: How I Came Out of the Closet, Converted to Islam, and Found My True Self


MARCH 27, 2018


The first time I met Blair Imani was for lunch in a taco restaurant on Market Street in San Francisco, and she was late because she was getting into an argument with someone on Twitter (very on brand). She was so candid and open that I didn’t feel weird asking her about the one thing I was so insecure about: how she reconciled her faith and her queer identity. Does she struggle with that?

“No?” She didn’t even look up from her Twitter fight.

I didn’t know it, but her “no” was almost what I’d been searching for to give myself permission to stop feeling like such an alien.

On a day as celebratory as Muslim Women’s Day, it’s important to use the occasion to dig into what queer Muslim women struggle with. We add such a rich voice to our ever-diverse diaspora, so to that end, I asked to speak with Blair about her conversion to Islam, her book, and the spaces she’s carved out without apology.