Teen Vogue: Blair Imani Opens Up About Being Queer, Black and Muslim

There are a lot of stereotypes about Muslim people that just aren't true — and are, quite frankly, offensive. You've likely heard some of those stereotypes on television, in the mouths of news commentators, and from people in your community. One of those stereotypes includes that all Muslim people are homophobic, which pretty much rules out the possibility that LGBTQ Muslim people even exist. But Blair Imani is here to shatter the stereotype completely. Blair is the Civic Action and Campaign Leader at DoSomething.org, the founder Equality for HER, and a queer, black, Muslim woman. In a video for GLAAD, Blair opened up about her decision to come out as queer (which she did on Fox News), and why she's putting her identity as a queer Muslim at the forefront.

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